February 2017

Jeff Lobb Inman Connect onstage

5 real estate tech tools in 5 minutes from Jeff Lobb

Reading time: about 2 minsWhen Jeff Lobb took the stage at Inman Connect in New York this past January, everyone got out their note-taking tools. 5 real estate tech tools in 5 minutes. Because in what was a whirlwind event of high-minded, conceptual talk, Jeff was ready to drop some serious knowledge and tangible takeaways. Jeff’s message was clear — […] Read more

Jennifer Allan Hagedorn

Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn helps real estate agents sell with soul

Reading time: about 3 minsEven though you help buy and sell real estate, Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn doesn’t want you to think of being a real estate agent as a sales job. “That’s done a huge disservice to our industry,” she said. “Both how we’re perceived and how we perceive ourselves.” For Jennifer, the conflict originates from the start. Agents are […] Read more